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Reasons Why You Need Adjustable Weight Benches?

Do i Need Weight bench? - Why?

A weight bench is a very important equipment for any person who wants to start weight-lifting. Before the invention of weight benches, people used the floor. Benches provide you with an easy and effective way to exercise different body muscles. Here are some of the benefits and reasons why adjustable weight benches are important.

So Here are some Reasons Why You Need Weight Bench

#1. Helps you Target Different Angles of the Muscles

Adjustable weight benches are designed to provide you with a range of workout angles so as to effectively workout different body muscles. A weight bench not only provide you with stability, but it also keeps your posture straight, thereby firming up your lower back muscles and improving your core strength while training

#2. Complete Difficult Exercises

Some muscles in your body can be inflexible especially if you are new to weight-lifting. When getting started with weight training, completing some exercises can be so challenging. Using a weight bench makes it easier for you to access most body muscles.  The adjustable weight bench lets you sit or lay which can make it easier and comfortable to do certain exercises. Sitting or lying on the bench makes it not only easier for you to access certain muscles but it also provides stability to effectively workout.

#3. Multi-Purpose

Adjustable weight benches are not only important for lifting weights, but they can also be used to do other numerous exercises such as push-ups, core exercises, calisthenics, and others. This makes adjustable weight bench ideal workout equipment for people who love to workout in the comfort of their homes.

#4. Ideal for Beginners

Beginners in weight training always have a difficulty maintaining a proper posture while lifting the weight. Most beginners also lack stability and often feel as if they will fall while lifting weight for the weight. Mastering the technique of maintaining the right posture and at the same time breathing can be difficult. Adjustable weight benches give beginners enough support to learn as well as try out new training exercises without falling over or using their energy to sustain the right posture and stability for different exercises.

Things to Look Out For in Adjustable Weight Benches – A Definitive Guide to Purchase

#1. Durability

Durability is a key point as nobody wants to buy something that does not last.  Since you paid good money, you deserve something that will last. You need to make sure that the frame is sturdy, and the padding is good to offer perfect comfort. You should always check and be sure how much weight the bench can hold. Depending on how much you want to lift you may be ready to cut a couple of options down off your list.

#2. Adjustments

Adjustments are crucial because different exercises and workout need different angles to work the full body. These various angles from the adjustments will allow the seat to be positioned to relieve stress on the body as well. The more the adjustments, the more workout variety there will be. With more adjustments, you are getting more varied workouts. This will eventually pay for it if you are planning on training using muscle confusion as it is optimal. Some of the adjustment features in weight benches are;

#3. Incline Bench

An Adjustable incline bench is a feature most looked for when it comes to buying weights benches.

#4. Arm curls

by raising this adjustable bench into the incline position, you can lean over with your arm and use dumbbells to perform a supported arm-curl. This is effective when increasing weight, to provide additional support to the arm and when avoiding being hurt or injury.

#5. Height Adjustable

Height adjust-ability on a weight bench is perfect for people who are taller or shorter than average. It will enable you to comfortably lay the feet on the floor thus increasing stability. This will also help you reach down and pick up the dumbbells and bar with ease and without compromising your workout posture.

#6. Folding

Having a home installed gym is great especially if you have space. It is always nice and great to have gym equipment that will store away neatly until you’re ready to use it. This is where a foldable weight bench comes into and proof to be better than other benches. Folding this bench away into a much smaller, taller size, making sure that this bench can be stored even in limited space.

#7. Stability

Sturdiness is crucial to any person out there who care about their fitness through working out. A weight bench is made to handle large amounts of pressure whenever one is vigorously doing their workout. If an adjustable weight bench is not stable, it has a risk of collapsing when being used. When getting an adjustable bench always go for one that can hold all weights, you plan on using.

#8. Comfort

Comfort-ability is a paramount thing when one is out there looking for an adjustable weight bench. Always go for a bench that offers maximum comforts.

Exercises You Can Do With Adjustable Weight Bench

Beginners in weight training can find it so difficult to effectively use the adjustable weight bench to do different exercises. To help you get started with using your weight bench, here are some of the most common exercises that you can do using your bench.

#1. Chest Press

This is one of the exercises which you can do using a weight bench. To be able to do this exercise, you need to have a barbell or dumbbells. To do chest press, you need to lay in a flat, incline or decline position and lift the weight vertically to bring into line with your chest. Move the weight down to your chest while keeping your elbows tight and hold that position an inch above your chest. Ensure you hold the position for about a second then quickly push the weights upwards.

#2. Triceps Press

For triceps press, you need to have a barbell. Lie on the bench in a flat position and hold the barbell above your chest with a shoulder width grip. Bring the bar down slowly until it is above your chest while ensuring your elbows don’t flare out. Quickly push back up and repeat this several times depending on your endurance.

#3. Seated Shoulder Press

To do seated shoulder press, you need to set the bench to a full 90-degree angle. You will also need to have a barbell or dumbbells. Lift the weight straight over your head and slowly move the weight down to your elbows to form a right angle and push the weight up.

#4. Ab Crunch

To be able to do this exercise, you need a bench that has foot secure at the front. To get started, hook your feet beneath the rollers at the front with the angle established to decline, then tighten your cores without bending your back slowly sprawl your upper body towards the back to about 45 degrees then hold that position for a second prior to coming back up.

#5. Seated Incline Dumbbell Row

Set your bench at a 45-degree incline angle and lie on the bench with your chest on the bench. Hold the dumbbells in a palm in a neutral grip position hanging beneath you. Gently move the weight up to your core while keeping your elbows tight. Hold the position for a second prior to returning to the starting position.

#6. Seated Bicep Curl

Set the back pad of your adjustable weight bench to a 90-degree angle and hold your dumbbells as they are hanging down by your side.  With your palms facing out, curl up without moving your elbow and grip the contraction at the top for about a second. Slowly move the weight back down until your arm is straight prior to repeating the process.

#7. Leg Extension

To be able to do leg extensions, you need to have a leg developer. Place your legs underneath the foam rollers on the leg developer and make sure that there is the ideal amount of weight placed on the weight post. Basically, curl upwards with your legs until your legs are nearly straight then hold at the top for about a second prior to slowly moving them back down.


So that was our short guide for weight benches and with reasons Why You Need Them? Also, The exercises listed here which you can do with benches are good. You should consider this exercises while working out with benches. Do comment below and give your valuable advice or your views on this. If you have any suggestion, comment below and we will try to include in the article

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